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At, we aim to get the freshest bird seed direct to our customers without the use of resellers or convoluted distribution methods.

Bring your backyard to life.

We also simplify the decision process for you when it comes to what bird seed blends are best for your area. Use our Bird Seed Recommendation Quiz to find the perfect blend for you, or filter bird seed based on your feeder type.

Whether you're a first-time bird feeder or an experienced pro, we're here to get you the freshest bird seed blends from our family farms to your family's feeder.

Don't just take our word for it. Grab one of our sampler packs and see if your neighborhood birds enjoy it. You'll soon see why we've already fed over 100 million pounds of bird seed to birds all over North America.

After all, you are not our customer... the birds are.

Fresh Ingredients • Responsibly Sourced • Blended Locally

Black Oil Sunflower

South Dakota-grown black oil sunflower seeds are the #1 choice for feeding wild birds. Black oil sunflowers are high in protein and fat, helping birds survive during colder months, find it in a handful of our mixes.

Safflower Seeds

Our safflower, grown in South Dakota and Montana, is a favorite of cardinals. Pair with a ground feeder or tray and watch them flock to your garden! We also recommend paring this with our black oil sunflower seeds for a full bird buffet!

Peanut Pieces

A favorite of jays and woodpeckers, our peanuts are locally grown in Alabama & Georgia. Perfect for peanut feeders or platform feeders, set out some peanuts and attract a variety of birds and critters to your garden!

Our Process at the Mill

All of our bird seed blends originate from our historic, family-owned mill located right off the rail line in Delano, Minnesota. We blend our bird seed fresh daily and send the bags directly to our customers all over the country. This avoids unnecessary, costly, and environmentally damaging transportation to multiple distribution centers, warehouses, and retailers. We then pass these cost savings and environmental benefits on to our customers all over the country who have joined us in helping feed the birds.

Give Back to the Natural World

The benefits of feeding birds goes beyond just giving birds a meal. When you feed birds, you are helping them supplement their natural food sources. This additional food gives them increased antioxidant levels, less stress, higher survival rates, and more energy for migration. It also benefits the local ecosystem, and your own physical and mental health.

For the Birds

Studies have shown that in areas where people feed birds, the overall bird populations are healthier and the survival rates of birds are higher. Birds can require up to 10,000 calories per day and supplementing their diet with bird feeding means you're helping them when they need it most: during migrations, breeding season, and cold weather months.

For the Environment

Attracting more birds helps beautify your environment. Certain types of birds can help to pollinate flowers and many others will also eat bugs and unwanted pests from your yard. Other birds such as woodpeckers can be keystone species whose health can help keep entire ecosystems thriving. Feeding birds makes the world around you healthier.

For You

Feeding birds is one of the easiest ways to experience and give back to the natural world. It is a year-round activity that can be shared with family members of all ages. Recent studies have shown links between people who frequently view and hear birds on a daily basis with reduced rates of depression, anxiety, and stress in their lives. Simply put: Birds make us happy.

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