We are now ForTheBirds.com!

When FeedTheBirds.com was founded, it was a big idea with a tiny team, creating and promoting our bird seed with the one goal in mind; Bringing backyards to life by delivering the freshest bird seed direct to our customers in the most streamlined way possible.

The plan was to launch the company gradually and quietly and to intentionally grow slowly and organically, taking care to do things right at every step.  The name Feed the Birds was chosen to reflect our initial mission. Solidifying our goal into the namesake of the company allowed us to never lose sight of what we wanted to achieve with the launch of this company.

Since our launch in February of 2022, we have built up a company that now allows us to expand on our initial goals. We never could have imagined we would be in this position so quickly, but we have grown our team, invested in updating and expanding our mill and continue to add to our range of product offerings month to month. We continue on in our mission to feed the birds, that will always be our first priority, but we recognized our unique opportunity to become the place to find everything for the birds. In order to truly lean into the evolving of our brand, the name seemed to be what we were stuck on. As we began to research and expand the categories of products soon to be added to our website, we realized that feeding the birds is not where we want to stop. Soon bird houses, bird baths, poles & perches, suet, hummingbird accessories and more will be available at forthebirds.com.

So, over time and after much consideration, it became clear that we needed a new brand name that reflected these changes and where we want to be moving forward.  We then began the renaming process - which we undertook carefully.

Through this process, we arrived at a name that encapsulated our original goal, while allowing us to evolve and offer more in the months and years to come.   

We are now ForTheBirds.com! 

After all, you are not our customer... the birds are...

Nothing is changing about the company structure or website besides the name.  We have the same ownership, the same team and the same great bird seed (just more to come)! 

We worked with our internal marketing and design team members on updating all things branding and design to reflect the name change, and will continue to roll over our existing branded promotional materials, social media and influencer marketing in the days to come.   

We are looking forward to the coming weeks and months.  So, stay tuned! We are very excited about our new name change and this new chapter in our company’s story.  To everyone who has supported us over this last year, you all are an integral part of bringing these backyards to life.  And we can’t thank you enough! 

Much love and many thanks, 

The For The Birds Team