Black Oil Sunflower

South Dakota-grown black oil sunflower seeds are the #1 choice for feeding wild birds. Black oil sunflowers are high in protein and fat, helping birds survive during colder months, find it in a handful of our mixes.

Sunflower Hearts

Sourced next door in South Dakota, our signature sunflower hearts seeds are oil-rich, high in protein & fat, and packed with the energy birds crave. These are pre-shelled making them a great waste-free option.

Canary Seeds

Grown by our neighbors to the north in Canada, Canary Seeds are fantastic for birds. It is rich with protein, and very high in amino acids. They contain much more potassium than a banana, and more calcium than milk.

Peanut pieces

A favorite of jays and woodpeckers, our peanuts are locally grown in Alabama & Georgia. Perfect for peanut feeders or platform feeders, set out some peanuts and attract a variety of birds and critters to your garden!


Our safflower, grown in South Dakota and Montana, is a favorite of cardinals. Pair with a ground feeder or tray and watch them flock to your garden! We also recommend paring this with our black oil sunflower seeds for a full bird buffet!


The cranberries used in our mixes are sourced by our friends right over in Wisconsin. They produce more than half of all cranberries in the world over there, so we know we are getting the best of the best.

Red Milo

Red Milo (Sorghum) is a favorite for Doves, Pigeons, Pheasants, and Turkeys. Although not featured in many of our mixes, it is a great option for larger game birds. Ours is grown in western parts of South Dakota.

Nyjer® Thistle

Nyjer® seed, also known as niger seed or thistle, is a high oil content seed used frequently in backyard bird feeders to attract a variety of finches. This is our only internationally sourced seed, as it is grown only in Ethiopia and some parts of India.

Striped Sunflower

Our Striped Sunflower seeds are grown over in South Dakota. Its thick shells are no problem for cardinals and grosbeaks, and even chickadees can easily hammer into them. They have less fat than Black Oil, but carry vitamins such as Vitamin E & B-complex vitamins.

Cobbed Corn

Our Cobbed Corn is locally grown in the Midwest at farms in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. These are perfect for feeding squirrels, chipmunks, deer and birds like woodpeckers & blue jays.

Cracked Corn

The cracked corn in our mixes is added for birds that would struggle to break open kernel of corn. Midwest-grown this corn is a staple in our No-Grow mix & causes less mess overall.

Squash Seeds

Our Squash Seeds are home-grown in Minnesota. They add a larger seed shape to a couple of our mixes, and certainly a different flavor for those who crack into them.

Golden Safflower

Our Montana-grown golden safflower comes to us straight on the rail line. It is a newer feed with a high protein and oil content. The hull is very thin which makes it easier for birds to crack open and enjoy.

Canola Seeds

These tiny Canola seeds are grown in the Dakotas and are a fantastic option for our lovely finches. You can find these seeds featured in our Finch Mix.

Red Millet

Red Millet is a favorite for Pheasants, Turkeys and Doves, although not featured in many of our mixes, it is a great option for larger game birds. Ours is grown in Colorado and western parts of South Dakota.

Hulled Millet

Hulled millet refers to grains that have had the indigestible hard coating removed. This makes the seed easier for birds to digest & enjoy! Our millet is fully grown and hulled in North Dakota.


Grown in Colorado and South Dakota, our standard millet is one of the easiest seeds for birds to crack into. Millet is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, protein and calcium.

Whole Peanuts

Whole Peanuts are a great challenge for birds, and a fun snack for squirrels. Our peanuts come to us from both Texas and Virginia depending on the growing season and time of year.