Bird Seed Cylinder Feeder
Bird Seed Cylinder Feeder

Bird Seed Cylinder Feeder





Perfect feeder for bird seed cylinders! 

Perfect for a variety of small or large seed cylinders, small or large seed logs, and suet cylinders. 

What are bird seed cylinders?

Bird seed cylinders, also known as seed blocks or seed logs, are compact bird feeders made of compressed birdseed mixed with various other ingredients. They are formed into cylinder-shaped blocks, providing a convenient and long-lasting food source for birds. 

How do bird seed cylinders work? makes using bird seed cylinders simple! Just hang the cylinder from a tree branch, a hook, or a specialized feeder such as the Mr. Bird Cylinder EZFeeder. Birds will peck at the cylinder to access the seeds & it’s other nutritious components. 

Can seed cylinders be used year-round?

Bird seed cylinders can be used throughout the year. However, they are especially valuable during winter months when natural food sources are scarce, and birds require extra nourishment to endure the cold weather. 

Where should I place my cylinder feeder?

Some aspects to keep in mind when finding the ideal bird seed cylinder feeder location are the height of feeder, nearby cover, accessibility, and protection from predators or the elements. By following these guidelines, and observing the birds' behavior, you can find the perfect spot to place your bird seed cylinder feeder, attracting a variety of feathered visitors to your yard while keeping them safe & comfortable. 

Are squirrels attracted to seed cylinders?

Bird seed cylinders are attractive to a wide range of wildlife, including squirrels. If you want to deter squirrels, consider using squirrel-proof feeders or positioning the cylinder away from trees or structures that squirrels can use to access the food. 

How long does a seed cylinder last?

The longevity of bird seed cylinders depends on the size of the cylinder and the number of visiting birds. On average, a medium-sized cylinder can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. 

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